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When you arrive at Staunton River Vet Clinic you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists. If your pet is anxious and would feel better waiting in the car or outside, feel free to give us a call to let us know you have arrived.

After the check-in process, an assistant will come out to help you and your pet into one of our rooms. If you are one of our cat clients, we have a dedicated room for cat appointments. After taking a brief history and making sure we know what all or you and your pets needs are that day, the assistant will alert one of our doctors that your pet is ready to be seen.

Dr. Carrie or Dr. Jessica will perform a full exam, answer any questions you have and thoroughly go over any recommended treatment plans with you. We do attempt to do as much in the room with the owner present as possible. We have found that this helps decrease stress in our patients. Low stress is one of the key components of all of our examinations. If we feel that your pet is too fearful or anxious, we may recommend the use of medications to facilitate that day’s procedures, or possibly future procedures.

Once the exam and treatment plan is complete, the assistant helping you that day will go over any medications or post-appointment instructions with you. They will accompany you to the front desk and let the receptionist know any pertinent information about your appointment or future appointments.

The day after your appointment you should receive a phone call from one of our staff checking on your pet and to make sure you don’t have any further questions.

We deeply care about all of our clients and their pets. If at any point during your time at our office you have questions or concerns, we want to hear them.

We hope to meet you and your furbaby soon.

New Client Form