Our Veterinary Team

Meet Our Veterinary Team in Moneta VA

The veterinary team at Staunton River Vet Clinic is a group of professionals dedicated to your pet’s continuous health and welfare.

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Carrie Turnbull
Dr. Carrie Turnbull

Education: Dr. Turnbull graduated Vet School in 2006 from Ross University. She is the owner and lead veterinarian of Staunton River Vet Clinic since 2012.
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Dr. Turnbull saw a male calico cat. Only one in 3,000 calicos are male and are called Klinefelter males. Dr. Carrie made sure to get a picture taken with him to prove to her veterinary colleagues the moment happened!
Super Power: Just call her Dr. Doolittle – she can calm down anxious dogs and cats that are typically difficult to work with.
Outside Life: Married to Chris since 2002, with two daughters, Rachael and Hannah. She loves to be outdoors doing something athletic.

Dr. Jessica Stein
Dr. Jessica Stein

Education: Dr. Stein graduated vet school in 2011 from Ross University. Associate Vet at SRVC since 2015.
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Diagnosing a rare skin disorder in a labrador retriever, Pemphigus. This disease causes the immune system to attack the skin on the paw pads. Thanks to her diagnosis, he can walk normally and is happy again.
Super Power: We call Dr. Stein Sunshine. She brings a ray of warmth with her wherever she goes, no matter the situation.
Outside Life: Jessica loves spending time with her son, Lukas, as well as being outside in the woods hiking, camping or horseback riding.

Brittany Lawhorn
Brittany Lawhorn

Education: Brittany came when we purchased Furry Friends Vet Clinic in December 2020. She had been an assistant/receptionist there since 2010. She was promoted to our Practice Manager in March 2021.
Geeky Veterinary Moment: She is always surprised by how well animals can hide how sick they truly are.
Superpower: Brittany will go above and beyond for clients to make sure they are happy.
Outside life: She enjoys spending time with her daughter, Paisley, country music concerts, festivals, and time on the lake.

Carrie Turnbull
Kristen Boyce, Lead LVT

Education: Kristen has been an LVT at Staunton River since July 2019; she graduated as an LVT in 2015.
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Kristen loves senior pets and pain management. 
Super Power: Kristen loves to teach. She will make sure our clients understand everything related to their pets and she is a great mentor for the other LVTs and assistants.
Outside Life: She LOVES  her chickens and four-wheeling.

Kelsay Bratton, LVT

Education: AAS in Veterinary Technology 2015, BS Animal Science 2010
Geeky Veterinary Moment:
Kelsay loves looking at radiographs and anything ortho related. She has a plate from one of the first surgeries she assisted with on her keychain.
Super Power: Bandaging and splints.
Outside Life: Kelsay enjoys traveling with her family and reading books while cuddling up with her cats, Selina and Sasha.

Faith Byers
Faith Byers

Experience: Faith has been a Veterinary Assistant since October 2019.
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Faith loves looking at specimens under the microscope.
Super Power: She has empathy for all the animals.
Outside Life: Faith loves reading, embroidery, and taking care of her pets Casper and Riley

Lilly Mullins
Lilly Mullins

Experience: Lilly has been a Veterinary Assistant at SRVC since October 2019.
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Lilly enjoys helping senior pets and helping in surgery.
Superpower: Lilly has the power of persuasion.
Outside life: She enjoys spending time with her family, crocheting, and is an amazing baker


Experience: Maggie has been with us for over 10 years!!!
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Maggie loves surgeries and everything involved, especially new and different ones.
Super Power: Maggie can get a muzzle onto any animal. She has an amazing ability to soothe stressed-out animals.
Outside Life: Maggie loves to travel! She also loves kayaking, hiking, concerts, and just being outdoors.

Shawna Adler
Shawna Adler

Experience: Shawna has been working in the veterinary field since the age of 17. She joined our team in August of 2019. She has been an amazing addition to our team with her knowledge and dedication to helping all animals.
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Shawna loves surgery! From foreign body removals, to bladder stone removal and c-sections, she just is excited to step into the surgery room.
Super Power: Shawna has an amazing ability to keep us all laughing all day long! She helps all of us get through the tough days and makes the work day go by quickly.
Outside Life: Shawna loves to hike, go 4 wheelin’, play with her daughter, spend time at the lake, and lift weights. She also has her own photography business.


Experience: Aymarie has Veterinary Assistant since September 2021. 
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Aymarie loves watching the transformation a dental makes for a pet.
Super Power: She can make a cat burrito better than any person we have ever seen!
Outside Life: When not at the clinic (or in school getting her LVT degree), Aymarie loves horse training, riding horses, and spending time with her husband, Gary.


Experience: Kate is a Veterinary Assistant since September 2021.
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Kate loves to watch an abscess or cyst rupture.
Super Power: She has a soft spot for elderly animals and those with a lot of problems. She just loves to comfort them.
Outside Life: Kate loves to spend time with her husband and five dogs. She enjoys photography and says she is an avid shopper.

Emma Conner

Experience: Customer Service Representative since November 2021Geeky Veterinary Moment: Emma loves bottle-feeding kittens.
Super Power: Keeping the lobby smelling good.
Outside Life: Emma enjoys hanging out with her friends, horseback riding, and going on road trips.

Olivia Bixby

Experience: Veterinary Assistant since September 2022
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Olivia can be found accidentally wearing very similar scrubs as her sister’s multiple times (sister telepathy).
Super Power: Always being a helping hand and getting patients to relax (most of them, LOL).
Outside Life: Olivia enjoys being crafty and playing with her Labradoodle, Remi.

Sarah Ayers

Experience: Sarah worked for us a few years ago, but has been back as a part-time Customer Service Representative since August 2022
Geeky Veterinary Moment: Sarah carried around a puppy with a cast on his leg in a sling while waiting on the owner to pick him up.
Super Power: Keeping things neat and organized.
Outside Life: Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, hanging out with friends, and doing lots of outdoor activities.